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Experience, Legal Talent and Perseverance to Serve Your Best Interests

Our law firm, Elliot R. Zinger, P.C., will provide you with experienced and aggressive attorneys who will protect your rights, serve your best interests and represent you with the integrity and professionalism you deserve. With over 35 years of litigation experience in both Illinois and Federal Courts, our firm has represented thousands of citizens seeking justice through litigation in both civil and criminal cases. Our law firm has consistently attained outstanding results for those who have been wrongfully accused, severely injured or discriminated against in the Chicago area and in other jurisdictions nationwide. Our firm concentrates in representing persons who’ve been charged with serious criminal cases or severely injured or killed as a result of negligence. The firm has been involved in many nationally publicized cases.

Some of the firm’s past and present publicized cases you may recognize from newspaper and television reports. Mr. Zinger was lead trial counsel in the case of Natkin v. Oprah Winfrey, in which two Chicago area photographers, Paul Natkin and Stephen Green, sued Oprah Winfrey in Federal Court for copyright infringement and the rights to a collection of some 60,000 photographs detailing the history of “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” In the case, Zinger won what the Federal Judge presiding referred to as a “landmark victory for the rights of photographic artists in America.” The photographers won the rights to allot the contested property in a published summary judgment decision; the remainder of the case was favorably settled several days into the jury trial in the Federal District Court in Chicago.

Criminal Defense is the Cornerstone of Our Work

Every client we take on deserves and receives special attention. From first degree murder to DUI, we know the court system extremely well and fight for our clients' best interests. At the first office visit, the client will find that we assemble a complete file for the client. This file will contain helpful information including a copy of the statute describing the charge, the courtroom assignment, a profile of the judge, the best strategic approaches to defending the case and the possible sentencing outcomes. Our goal at that first meeting is to ensure that the client receives the most initial information available, including the scope of Mr. Zinger’s representation in the matter. No surprises. And it is evident that we care about each client. We tell you directly and honestly what you can expect, we show up in court to defend you and we are always ready, willing and able to do our job; to fight for your rights!

Mr. Zinger was formerly both a trial and appellate government attorney and has had nearly 40 years of courtroom experience as a criminal defense lawyer in both State and Federal courts. Mr. Zinger’s clients benefit from his legal competence, courtroom savvy and negotiating skills that have served thousands of his clients. Whether it’s negotiating the best deal or going to trial before a judge or jury, we do what is best for you!

Our firm has been involved in numerous high profile criminal cases, including the Supreme Court murder appeal of People of the State of Illinois v. Patricia Columbo, one of the most notorious and publicized murder cases in Illinois history. Mr. Zinger was defense counsel for Henry Koh in a highly publicized murder case in Northbrook, Illinois. Mr. Koh was accused of killing his son in the family home and was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. In another recent Skokie trial, Mr. Zinger won a not guilty verdict in an aggravated criminal sexual abuse case. Last year in Federal Court in South Bend, Indiana, we won a not guilty verdict in an embezzlement of union funds trial in the case of U.S. v. Daniels. Conviction rates in federal cases are approximated to be over 95%, making our firm’s victory that more satisfying.

Mr. Zinger was also lead defense counsel in the murder case against Robert Tucker, one of several youths indicted in what has come to be known as the “Vigilant Mob Murders,” after two men were killed by an angry mob in Chicago after running over and killing and area woman. The case, which received national attention, was originally a possible death penalty case, but resulted in none of the defendants ever being convicted of the first-degree murder charges. Mr. Zinger was also lead counsel in the “Juice movie murder case,” which received national attention due to the claims that films of that genre were a contributing cause to gang violence. Currently, our firm is representing numerous victims of Jon Burge related police torture at 26th and California in Chicago.

Many of these cases involve murder confessions extracted by means of torture and abuse. Our firm has also been retained to prosecute the perpetrators of such abuse in our Federal Courts.

Personal Injury and Civil Rights Victories for Over 35 years

Elliot R. Zinger, P.C. has also won many millions of dollars for clients in various civil cases. Some of our cases include a trial verdict of $1,875,000.00 in a case against Farmer's Insurance in which the firm successfully represented a board certified psychiatrist who suffered a traumatic brain injury in an automobile accident. Our firm also settled another brain injury case for $1,115,000.00 on behalf of a board certified anesthesiologist who suffered disabling cognitive injuries as a result of medication she was taking to combat the Hepatitis C virus. Our firm settled yet another traumatic brain injury case against the C.H.A. for $1,250,000.00, in the case of Leakia Robinson v. C.H.A. et al., after a board (with a protruding screwdriver) from a window in the projects fell upon the child’s head. We also settled a wrongful death claim against an area nightclub for over $500,000.00 after the club security personnel removed our client from the club rather than immediately calling 911 for medical assistance. The case was rejected (as too difficult) by two prestigious law firms before our firm successfully took it on. We also won an employment discrimination matter for approximately $500,000.00 and a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) jury verdict for approximately $200,000.00. A recent settlement in a trucking accident case was obtained by our firm in an amount in excess of $1,500,000.00.

Criminal Defense

Elliot Zinger P.C. provides aggressive and experienced criminal defense representation for all of our clients. Fiercely advocating for your best interest to obtain the desired result by any means necessary is our number one goal. Being represented by Elliot Zinger P.C. means you are represented by one of the top criminal defense lawyers in Chicago. Mr. Zinger is always well prepared, highly attentive and personable; your partner in your defense. Your case will get the individual time and attention it deserves. Elliot Zinger has the experience to handle felony cases, misdemeanor cases, traffic and DUI cases and all other criminal charges. Mr. Zinger has successfully tried hundreds of bench and jury trials related to drug offenses and UUW charges, sex crimes, white collar crimes, violent crimes and gang related offenses.

Over the past 35 years, we have developed valuable relationships with all members of the court system. Our experience of navigating the system effectively benefits you. Mr. Zinger's firsthand experience with the methods of the prosecution translates into success for his clients today. We work diligently and directly with our clients to make sure that you understand all of the legal aspects of your criminal matter. We care about your case, we care about your opinions and we care about you. You will be regularly informed and educated about the progress of your case and advised about your best alternatives. We are in this fight together!

Civil Rights

Elliot Zinger P.C. is committed to delivering justice for our clients. Mr. Zinger provides high-caliber representation in complex civil rights litigation. We fight to protect our clients' rights and freedoms, regardless of the odds against them. Our track record speaks for itself: We have recovered millions in compensation for those who have been wronged. Our attorneys aggressively pursue each case with equal vigor, from the publicized victories for high-profile clients to triumphs over minor yet significant injustices. We fight for the underdog and win.

Elliot Zinger P.C. routinely represents clients in significant cases, including ones where the City adamantly fights the charges to avoid responsibility for their officers' illegal behavior. We have won major victories in cases where defendants have engaged in malicious prosecution or when police officers have shot and killed, or injured, someone. Mr. Zinger has won several police misconduct cases when it was just his client's word against the police officer's. Many criminal defense attorneys refer cases to our firm, which speaks of their belief in his abilities. Your civil rights are of utmost importance; “never give up your freedom” is our motto.

Personal Injury

Elliot Zinger P.C. handles complex personal injury litigation such as for automobile and motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice, product liability, premises negligence and transportation liability. Mr. Zinger is a nationally respected Plaintiff's Personal Injury Lawyer. We have helped hundreds of clients recover maximum compensation for injuries sustained in motor vehicle collisions through our fierce negotiations with insurance carriers or at trial.

Illinois law provides that a victim of negligent medical care has the burden of proving that the care that they received was not consistent the standard in the community. An individual can recover damages related to their pain and suffering, permanent disability, medical expenses and lost wages pursuant to Illinois law. Elliot Zinger P.C. has helped individuals and families recover significant funds with these difficult cases. Let one of the best Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers, Elliot Zinger get you the compensation you deserve.

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